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Concerns about the economic downturn put pressure on the stock market

Concerns about the global economic downturn put pressure on the European stock market once again on Thursday, although strong signals in the second quarter of earnings reporting are hindering a wave. New sell off in the market.

By 5:10 AM ET (0910 GMT), the Stoxx 600 benchmark index fell 0.4% to 364.72, while Germany's Dax index fell 0.6% and the FTSE 100 fell 0.8% when the pound. He recovered with the hope that Britain could still avoid the European Union without any agreement.

Today, trading volume was lower than normal due to some holiday markets.

Danish brewer Carlsberg (CSE: CARLa) has contributed to blurring the gloom in the European market because the campaign focused on high-end brands that helped the company increase 6.5% of revenue in the first half. year and 1.6% improvement in operating profit. Although trading volume has fallen sharply in the largest market of this firm, Russia. This share price has risen 4.9% to a new all-time high and is now up 44% in 2019, one of the best performing stocks in the region.

There is more positive information from Denmark with AP Moeller Maersk increasing 2.6% after a relatively strong earnings announcement. However, in contrast to Carlsberg (CSE: CARLa), its shares merely adjusted up after falling nearly 50% in the past two years. After all, the trade war is not good for shipping companies.

In the UK, the GVC gambling company, the owner of Ladbrokes (LON: LCL) and Corals, announced higher-than-expected earnings and increased dividends after being affected by tight regulations. tighter in the UK. The company cut about 10% of its plan to close stores in the UK after saying customers had found another way to gamble with them after lawmakers suppressed use of the stores. Betting equipment is called "Betting with fixed odds".

As with Maersk, GVC has many facilities to make up after losing half its value (and CEO) in the last 13 months.

Among the outstanding stocks today, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems, has cut its orientation after a weaker quarter than expected. Deutsche Bank (DE: DBKGn), which has been affected along with other banks by the bond market, has fallen by 3% before a report that they are looking for a new board supervisor to replace Paul Achleitner. .

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